Sunday 26th, 5-9pm Shibuya Badminton (渋谷・バドミントン). HIGH LEVEL ONLY

Anyone can attend. Usually no event fee except if hire costs or overnight events.
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Sunday 26th, 5-9pm Shibuya Badminton (渋谷・バドミントン). HIGH LEVEL ONLY

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This is for only people who can play high level - good players who win competitions and play league games.
If you come and your level is too low you cannot play - sorry.

We have space for 2 or 3 more advanced players.

Phone me before going, All details:5.30pm - 8.45pm

Shibuya worker's Welfare Center (Kinro Fukushi Kaikan - 渋谷区役所 勤労福祉会館).
About 5 minutes walk from Shibuya JR station and near PARCO.

Address: 1丁目-19-8 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041

2 courts.
Limit is 20 people total in the gym so our limit is 10 people in our group. No reservation of courts but rotation by group.

Rackets available free at reception.
Hot showers.
Shuttles can be bought but we share ours - cost price.
100en fee for costs.
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