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Social night

Post by edKiwi »

Friday September 19th: OCJ social night @ Akihabara Hub pub - start 8pm.


I can`t join Andy`s social next weekend because I will be in Yamagata.

Anyone can join this event - it is for members, and visitors who want to meet members before joining.

Usual tables in the building outside the HUB door... 

A casual social event (not managed by Admin) - just look for members at the tables outside the door. If not sure, just ask if people are from OCJ.  Most people arrive around 8pm and attendance can vary from 10 people to 20 people. We are usually at the tables just outside the bar but in the building.
Cash bar, food available - order and pay yourself.

If you do not drink it is still ok to join.  The bar is very casual and staff don't go around asking people. We spend a lot as a group anyway.

How to get to the Akihabara Hub pub
Ground floor of an office building about 100m from JR Akihabara station. Central exit nearest Yodobashi Camera and Tsukuba Express line train (not Electric Town exit).

The easy way is come out of the central exit near the Tsukuba express and turn left, then go round to the train tracks (yamanote line above).
Follow the tracks 2 minutes (Ueno direction - north) and you arrive at the building ( Fuji Soft BLDG) with the Hub pub inside.
On the way you will pass MacDonalds on the right side and you will see Yodabashi camera on the right across the road.
Look for OCJ sign or big group of people of mixed nationalities just outside the door - we will have tables outside pub but in the building so dry.

Google Map

Map and details all on the home page here:

秋葉 原駅 徒歩2分
TEL:  03-3526-6882 
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Post by Sonoko »

Thank you for organizing a social.

Post by guey27 »

Ed, I am in.  Please confirm this evening.

Post by AD »

Depends on getting there after badminton. I will try... but could be late like 10pm.

I posted on Facebook so maybe a couple from there.

Post by edKiwi »

Meeting confirmed.

Post by guey27 »

I will be there around 9:00.

Post by edKiwi »

See you all at the next social

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