How to Join Events [イベント参加方法]

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How to Join Events [イベント参加方法]

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Subscribe to event board is best - see link.
If you do not subscribe to event board you will not get emails when a new event is posted!!!

Event Sign Up
To join an event just log in, go to the event topic click 'reply'. Say you will join and ask/answer any questions. Everyone must reply to event topics so we know who is going and that you are a club member (logged in website).

Travel to Event, Meeting (Chatbox for contacting people, email, phone etc)
Use the mChat box to contact people when travelling to the event or exchanging email or phone number. This will delete by itself soon.
Do not use event reply because it sends out emails to everyone and makes the event page much longer. Emails and phone numbers on event replies are not deleted - you must do yourself after events. They may become public later so do not use event pages for private data - use the chatbox.
People who ask for private data to be removed by the website manager later will have to pay for each item.

During Events
You may be asked to carry group equipment or help out managing the group while walking. The organiser is not a donkey or Sherpa to carry all safety equipment and other things. Also at larger BBQ camp events with food cooking, everyone will have to do jobs to do - planning, collecting food money, shopping, preparation, washing, cleaning.

Club Website Costs
OCJ depends on a small event contribution for website costs - usually 500yen per day (half for the club costs and half for the organiser). Give it to the organiser at the beginning of the event. If forgotten then send it after the event using the website - there is a menu item 'Event Fee' which you will see after login.
Organisers send half the fee to the OCJ paypal account after the event.
Some special events have a higher attendance fee and are stated in the event message.

Cancelling - IMPORTANT!

Do not sign up and then delete your comment (reply) to cancel. The organiser might not see you deleted your sign up. It causes trouble with reservations and people on waiting lists.
Just make a new reply telling the organiser you are cancelling. Remember - there might be charges if transport or rooms are reserved.

Event Sign Up


Remember to check the box for reply email notification.

Traveling to meeting place use this to contact other members on event.

After the Event
If you put phone number or email address on event page then delete yourself. Better to use mChat box for private data.
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