Review - Hilleberg Akto Tent

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Review - Hilleberg Akto Tent

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Review - Hilleberg Akto Tent

1 Person.
4 season.
Cost = expensive.
Quality = the best! From materials to workmanship, Hilleberg are meticulous.

Claimed as the lightest true 4 season tent but still 1.7kg. The pack size is not so small either but if you want a single pole bombproof tent then this is it...

It has a single pole, so while saving weight this limits the space inside compared to having 2 poles. It might feel a bit cramped near the head for some people who are used to 2 pole dome tents.
Enough space for one person with some essential gear inside. Length of all their tents is on the long side too.

It must be pegged down correctly to avoid tent material sagging near the head. Even though it is a single pole tent (not free standing) it can be used on snow by adapting the pegging system. Rocks can be used instead of pegs in Japan where at higher altitudes there is no soil to push in pegs.

It is quite easy to erect the tent - as all Hilleberg tents are, but flat even ground is best to stretch the material out to it's correct shape.

Ventilation = BAD POINT
The tent is designed for Swedish weather conditions but even in Scotland it gets very hot except in winter, and the mesh ventilation is the smallest I have ever seen - too small most of the time to get fresh air in the tent. It could only be used in Japan in cold conditions and in winter. You can buy a 100% mesh inner tent for warmer places but another $200.
There are zips in each end panel of the flysheet to let air in but that does not help much as it cannot get in the inner tent.

Getting In and Out
If the ground is wet outside you have to lean on the tent backwards a bit to get up and get your boots on when you stand up if one foot in the tent. I did not have this problem with the Unna tent or other dome tents. Not as convenient getting in and out butprobably the same as other small tents.

For a 1 person tent there is plenty of space for the rucksack and gear, and to cook if needed. With all Hilleberg tents you must be careful with stoves as the flysheet material is very sensitive to heat and easily damaged.

When unzipped and tied back, the flysheet has an annoying habit of coming loose and dropping down, You can find many videos about 'how to correctly roll up the door flysheet' ... it should be better than this.

I think the tie back toggle position for the flysheet at the entrance needs to be 15-20cm further in to the centre to stop rain getting inside on the groundsheet but minor details / gripe.

Wind and Rain
It is a comfortable tent to sleep in and no noisier than others considering it has just 1 pole. The only problem with the design is that the top sections are flat and when the wind blows it can push this down easily to make contact with the inner tent. No leakage yet but the material is new so very water repellant. Same problem maybe with snow during the night that could push the top sections down a lot - not tested yet though.
The Terra Nova design has a ridge in the middle which might avoid this but ( more guy ropes and messy) the Hilleberg is pure simplicity in design.

If heavy rain you can take down the inner tent first and pack it dry, separate from the fly sheet. Then pack your rucksack under the fly sheet and take down the wet fly sheet last.

No real complaints about this tent except the ventilation mesh panel being so small.
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