Question- Organising and Posting Events

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Question- Organising and Posting Events

Post by Boken »

Hi Andy,
I'm new to outdoor club japan and first time using a forum! So.. a little bit confused about how to use this system to contact people and organize outdoor events.
I am a New Zealander living in Australia and will be travelling with my Family to Japan (Shizuoka) in mid October 2022. We are staying for staying for one month and I'd like to participate in a few activities with like minded people. I am a keen backpacker with some mountain climbing experience.

Who am I best to contact to organise such an event. It maybe I just post a proposal and people follow? I have no idea how this works.
Thanks in advance,
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Post by Andy OCJ »

Registered members can post events themselves. Everyone attending an event you post would have to be registered on the website (club rule - see the link at the top) - even if just a month. It is a good time to visit Japan. Autumn colours start generally around the second weekend of October but earlier higher up in the Alps and Hokkaido. Peak time of Alpine hiking is the end of September and beginning of October. After that the risk of deeper snow and freezing rain increases quite a lot. Best autumn colours are actually lower down at around 1.500-2,000m as tree cover is greater than at higher altitudes and more deciduous trees there. These will peak from around the middle of October to the third weekend in colder areas (Nikko, Tanigawadake, Oze marsh). Autumn colours then progressively drop altitude and closer to Tokyo through November.

There is guidance in the information section.
Club Info

Inside there you will see things about event gading and other useful topics.

One is how to make events:

Most are posted in the Outdoor Events section.
In there you can see they layout for event posts