Mountain Navigation and Safety (Ropes, Rivers, Rescue)

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Andy OCJ
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Mountain Navigation and Safety (Ropes, Rivers, Rescue)

Post by Andy OCJ »

Please reply if you are interested in mountain navigation - reading maps, using compass, navigating to points and measuring distance walked.

This would be part homework, maybe zoom or evening class in Tokyo. Then followed by exercises outside and then in the mountains.

Route Planning
How to calculate hiking times and select the best route for the weather and conditions. Alternatives to map times and online planners you can use yourself.

Leading Groups in the Mountains
Group management.

Emergency Procedures

Simple techniques using ropes to help people on steep ground, where there are landslides or damaged paths, when descending rocky areas is needed.
These are for unplanned situations for hikers - they are not rock climbing techniques.

River Crossings
Safe techniques.

Help for people injured, suffering from exposure or other problems.
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Post by Kris110940 »

I would definitely be interested!

Actually this morning I took an online workshop about compass reading and I was just thinking, "This would be so nice to practice this in real life with a group..."
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Post by shubhamk »

I am Interested! Did some tracking on yamap on previous trails and would love to learn more.