Reminder: Friday Jun 8: Short meeting / go out for drink

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Reminder: Friday Jun 8: Short meeting / go out for drink

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Reminder: Friday June 8th: Short meeting and go out for drink/dinner

There will be a meeting again in Harajuku at the Oden Kumin Kaikan (community centre) from 7pm until 7.45pm or 8pm. We will go out after that to a nearby bar or cheap restaurant.

7.00pm - 7.30pm
Introduction for guests (you may have seen it so don't need to join)
7.30pm - 7.45/8.00pm
Chat time.
Bar or eat somewhere

Please come around 7.20pm if you want to join.
Details and map are on the website.Andy
There will be an important email about organizing trips and organizer donations later.
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